Saturday, March 31, 2012

Breast Cancer Tattoos - Can You Get One?







We all know about tattoos that we adorn on our bodies for decoration, aesthetic and ceremonial purposes. Having a tattoo on your body is a way for many people to actually show who they are. However not all of us are so lucky. Some of the tattoos inscribed on our bodies have some other meanings. Medical tattoos are usually inscribed on someone's body to indicate that they are suffering from a disease that could require urgent medical attention at any given moment. They may also be used to hide scar marks on a person's body.

Another type of medical tattoo is the Breast Cancer tattoo: A woman suffering from Breast Cancer may be required (as a part of her treatment) to have a part of her breast surgically removed. This surgical procedure is called Mastectomy. This surgery is usually done to safely remove the localized tumor in the breasts, following which other traditional cures like Chemotherapy and radiation dosages may be prescribed. Sometimes the above mentioned procedure may be the only option available.

Depending upon the type of surgery a woman may require a Breast Cancer tattoo so that the external appearance of the breast does not show significant changes.

These are usually applied in the following cases:

    To hide the scars left behind after the surgical procedures are completed. These tattoos are only used to temporarily hide the scars. A skin specialist may be consulted for further treatment later on. The size of the tattoo depends upon the severity of the tumor being extracted as well the resultant scar size.
    Under certain conditions the Areola of the breast (the dark colored circular area of the breast which surrounds the nipples) may have to be removed. Breast Cancer Tattoos can be applied here to give the impression of a real nipple.

The most important advantage that these tattoos have is that the people who have undergone such surgical treatments do not develop a negative body ilage about themselves. Such tattoos in general help such a person feel better and more confident about their body image. A Breast Cancer operation is traumatic and depressing for most women even after the said procedure is complete. Though such tattoos only have a temporary or aesthetic use, their psychological impact cannot be underestimated and of course since such tattoos are inscribed by medical hands, they are safe to use.

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