Saturday, March 31, 2012

Tribal Tattoo Designs

A tribal tattoo design is a popular tattoo choice in the 21st century. Go to any beach in the summer months and simply look at all of the tattoos on show. Tribal designs will represent a significant number of them.

You may be deciding on your first tattoo, or simply a continuation of your collection, and have decided to go the tribal route.

But where have tribal tattoos originated from?

In a bygone era tribes from all over the world have tattooed members of their group as part of their way of life. Whether it be a spiritual reason, a coming of age, a religious ceremony, or a celebration of an achievement in life.

The tattoos we know and love now started from these tribal origins. Tattoo equipment back then was crude and simple, with the ink and paraphernalia being sourced from natural products found within the environment.

The tribal tattooists did not have the benefit of 21st century tattoo guns and autoclaves back then. As a result the tattoo design was as crude as the equipment would allow. This is how they arrived at the tribal tattoo designs we see now.

Bold thick line work, a lack of intricacy, limited (if any) colouring. Simple patterns and pictures from a simpler time.

Over the ages travellers have experienced the trials of a tribal tattoo, These (quite often painful) tattoos have been transported back to western society and have influenced tattoo artists worldwide.

The benefits of tribal tattoo designs over conventional designs are:

1. The style of the tattoo, with the bold line work and simple designs, stands out well on the body. Intricate designs can be lost on a viewer where any distance is involved and thus the tribal tattoo can be admired from afar with ease.

2. The lack of vibrant colours and the use of (predominately) black ink means that the tattoo with retain its depth over time. Colours tend to fade, especially when the body area is exposed, A tribal tattoo is likely to last the lifetime of its collector without need for much if any touch up.

3. The style lends itself well to larger designs that can flow unenctmbered over all areas of the body. Full sleeves are often completed in the tribal style and stand out more than a sleeve full of more than one intricate design. It is also possible to complete a tribal design on one part of the body, and then add further to it at a later stage, possibly leading to other parts of the body.

For example, I have a tribal design first started over ten years ago on my left thigh. Over the years I have added further sections to it, taking it down to my lower thigh. Although the individual work has been completed over many years, none of the tattoo has aged or changed in any way. It looks like one solid tattoo completed in one sitting.

4. The style is not limited to any shape size or body placement. There are thousands of different tribal tattoo designs. They can wrap around yours arms, your legs, go across your back, across your feet. Just about anywhere.

5. Just about any tattoo you can think of can be completed in the tribal style. If you still harbor for a conventional tattoo, for instance a dragon, it can be completed in the tribal style. You can even have script written on your body utilising tribal imagery.