Saturday, March 31, 2012

the funnies tattoos, why not?

tattoo is not always the scarry images, like dragon, or skull, snake, and the tribal tattoos. but you can make a tattoo for make you looks like a funny person. it will make the people who look at you not feel scare anymore. but to make the people say "WOW!!!" in front of you, a funny tattoos can be a choice.

believe me, the unique tattos is just not images llike a rock stars. the images like your favorite cartoon, example mickey mouse, sponge bob, and even shaus the sheep maybe!!! hahahahha.. and you can mix that with your favorite person in the world, or a excelent words. enough with a little tattos in one of your sexy body, and the tattos will be an amzing tattoos! oh you have to remember that, don't duplicate the other people tattoos. because you will not feel so special. make your creation, make your design, and out your inspiration!!!